If you’ve read my bio, you’ve seen what I do for a living. Organ donation and transplant have gifted me with a career where I witness daily miracles. It is a precious thing to give someone a second chance at life and to serve as a safeguard for the donor families knowing we do our utmost to protect their family member’s ultimate gift.

I cannot preach to you enough the importance of organ donation. One person can potentially save the lives of different people! I have seen people live to see weddings, graduations, reunions and even find love once again, all because someone chose to give in their last moments of life.

For more information or to register to become an organ donor please visit Donate Life.

Donate Life also created this video below. Definitely a different approach to organ donation, but believe it or not, one of my patients actually sent it to me! No matter the person or the life they chose to lead, they can still be a hero to countless.

In Case the Video Doesn’t Work