Greek Getaway

In July Charlie and I decided to getaway, something we both needed more than we would admit and also something we hadn’t done together in a really long time.

(p.s. you know you found a keeper when he carries your absurdly heavy purse in public)

This is also the same time period I started up the blog so most of these photos are just off the cuff and not so much “blog” state of mind.

That being said, Greece was one of the most amazing countries I’ve been to yet. We flew through London to Athens and then eventually to Crete. We stayed 4 night in Athens at the Hilton and 5 nights in Crete at the Blue Palace Resort. If we had more time, we would have toured more of the Greek islands but alas, work is to blame on that one. I do plan on returning to complete the island tour! Anywho.. back to the trip. I’ve never been to a place where the people are as genuinely kind as we consistently encountered everywhere in Greece.

I was a little shocked upon arriving in Athens to see the massive amounts of graffiti plastered throughout the historical city. The country has been through some serious economical strife but it still felt disheartening to see spray paint choking the beauty out of the city. When we asked our tour guide, she seemed less shocked and viewed it more as a “healthy outlet for Greece’s young youth.” When I think of healthy outlets, I tend to think sports or the arts rather than destroying public property.. but to each their own I guess. The bombing in Istanbul had also occurred in this same time frame. Greece isn’t all that far away! I asked our guide her take on the bombing and on the nearby threat of terrorism. She said to me “you know, we cannot live our lives in constant fear. We can’t let them have that. We must carry on and find happiness in each and every day.” I wanted to bring her back home with me, her outlook on life was refreshing and someone you just wanted to be around all the time.


This is my “oh my gosh I can’t design this website by myself” face. Totally not my skill set. So I said the heck with worrying about it and soon hired Megan with Lush to Blush !

Back in the center, you can see the Parthenon lit, so pretty!


Dinner at the Galaxy Restaurant after flying for 14 + hours, I was pooped but the view was worth it. See the Parthenon again back there?

Outfit from Nasty Gal

Day One – We ventured on a private tour to see the Parthenon and Acropolis. It was breathtaking. Imagining life in the ancient Greek days and walking the path of those from then is a perspective I think we all need.



Outfit: The Jetset Diaries via L Bartlett Boutique

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff via Neiman Marcus

Shoes: Sam Edelman via Trunk Club

Sunnies: Sequin Sand





The Acropolis Museum hosted this handsome fella. It is a museum above actual dig sites in progress, the more they excavate the more they find! And the floor is glass so you can see the dig in progress, insanely neat!


Dinner at Spondi in Athens. An amazing French/Greek restaurant with the most gracious staff and scrumptious food. It was an incredible evening.

Dress: Amanda Uprichard via L Bartlett

Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW

Charlie’s outfit: Armani via Neiman Marcus

Day Two we ventured to the Oracle at Delphi. Travelers both rich and poor ventured from near and far to visit the Oracle for a glimpse into their futures. Little did they know the Oracle was hallucinating from noxious vapors which happened to seep into their chamber. Ah, modern day science for the win!




Charlie’s a very talented photographer 🙂


Outfit: Karina Grimaldi via L Bartlett

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff via Neiman Marcus

Shoes: Steve Madden via Nordstrom

Hat: Bebe


Doesn’t that look like Larry David in the background? I wish, I’d love to meet him.


This view though!


There’s a story about these twins, Detail of the twin kouroi. They have been identified either as Cleobis and Biton, the two pious brothers from Argos, or as the Dioscuri whose cult was popular in the Peloponnese. Stylistically, they are an example of the transition from Daedalic to early Archaic art. The statues are tribute to a real set of twins from eons ago. Located in the Delphi Museum 


Charlie found a friend. And he’s allergic to cats, hah!


The detail in the hair and the beards, love it. I think it’s also insane how color still clings to the marble after centuries of existence.


Greeks say the Sphinx originated in Greece, Egyptians say it originated in Egypt. Maybe we’ll never know.

A bronze statue of a Charioteer. He was the race winner, who I believe was maybe 12?dsc_0415

Excavated findings, look at the faces! Chryselephantine (gold and ivory) statues, possibly depicting Artemis (left) and Apollo (right). 6th c. BCE.


Pre-sweat makeup 🙂dsc_0434

a little village is down the mountain from the Oracle remains. I could live here. Isn’t it beautiful?

The bay of Corinth .. or close to it. Amazingly beautiful.dsc_0424

I feel like where in the world is Carmen San Diego!dsc_0438

The site of the Greek Olympic games!dsc_0441

Mr. Practical dsc_0444

Greek guards in their traditional uniform. Can you imagine standing in the blazing sun in woolen stockings? But check out those pom slippers, totally trending.

After Athens we ventured to Crete. We enjoyed an hour long car ride from the airport to our resort (on the other side of the island) and I wasn’t sorry for a minute of it. The views are INSANE! And.. we passed Lady Gaga’s house. I want to be her neighbor.


Elounda Bay, you have my heart.


Gorgeous view. Life would be so beautifully simple here.


Love this color!


I miss having a garden.dsc_0558

Charlie takes good pictures!


Spinolonga Island – originally a leper island up until the 1950’s i think. Crazy huh?

The island lit up at night. Pretty!img_1883

The good life 🙂 A book and a glass of wine. life is hard.


This is our breakfast every morning, beautiful!dsc_0554

The suite life.


The cutest Greek restaurant at the resort.



Traditional Greek meal.img_1879

Obligatory poolside selfies.img_1887

Dress: Lovers and Friends via L Bartlett

Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW


Dress: the Jet Set Diaries via L Bartlett

Shoes: Chinese Laundry via DSW


Hookah via lamp light


Wearing my hair up because I fried my Drybar curling iron, despite using an adapter. This is the second time I’ve done that in Europe. What am I doing wrong?!

Romper: Karina Grimaldi via L Bartlett

Shoes: Soludos via Nordstrom

We also visited King Minos’s Palace at Knossos while in Crete. Remember the myth about the minotaur? All came from here.




Gorgeous art work and humongous pottery bins. dsc_0466



I’m in LOVE with this mural. Isn’t it gorgeous?!





See the minotaur shrine behind me ?


Romper: NBD via L Bartlett

Shoes: Soludos via Nordstrom

Sunnies: Karen Walker via Trunk Club

Watch: Michael Kors dsc_0472

Ever the Patriots fan. dsc_0500

We also went to Boutari Vineyard. It’s such a beautiful winery. Definitely took some bottles home!dsc_0512



I found a friend at the winery!dsc_0505

AND I saved the best for last.


Aragog lives y’all, he lives (lived) a very real life. And he was in our bathroom in Crete. He tried to fight us with the toilet brush. Charlie eventually won the battle but I definitely slept with one I eye open after that surprise. Despite the critter, it was an incredible trip full of so many memories. I hope you get the chance to see it, or if you have, share your experience with me!